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a brief toffee 2023 wrapup

takatakatakatakatakatakatakatakataka braindump post incoming

this year was amazing for me. i've probably undergone the most amount of change ive experienced in a year & become overwhelmingly friendpilled


published ferra with tha lovely miredly whos always a pleasure to work with, felt more confident in my ability to make games. im so thankful this kicked me out of my love2d comfort zone, my c#/raylib projects have been very clean so far


had a brain hemorrhage, went to hospital. became very stupid and struggled with basic tasks. my friends were so supportive and im very thankful. months later im functioning very well and back to my regular level of stupid


MCM!! i went to mcm london with a group of my closest friends and it was so much fun. i met brand new cool people who are now in da inner circle. i got this miku who is now the group mascot and comes everywhere


went to norway

also got platinum 3 in street fighter 6


went to alton towers with friends and daniel rustage of youtube fame who was really sweet


promoted at work, also kinda took up physical painting, its fun and relaxing even if im not very good


moved house and moved in with my best friend!!!!!!!! we've moved back to the city i went to university in and couldn't be happier, feels much more homely

going outdoors more, meeting up with new friends, becoming less alien


working on more games, getting things actually on steam

went to london and ice skated and did funny mini golf

had a great new years party


Final notes

its quiet i promise

0 cools!!
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