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my real problem with ai art, i guess

people who use generative AI are not artistic enough to make something worthwhile, and people artistic enough to make something worthwhile would not use generative AI

i think the reason it makes me unhappy is because art made with love has been put though the chicken nugget paste machine, and this grand bastardization of art has yet to produce anything of value

my real problem is that we've pixel-by-pixel processed every piece of artwork ever made with love, and put it in the hands of total inept losers who - by proof of needing to use generative models in the first place - have not had any experience creating art, and does not value the process nor the people who make art

all of the people excited for this technology usually haven't had the experience of creating something meaningful for its own sake. it mostly seems to be created by people who would (if it required no effort) create art for the sake of holding it over other people or to feel superior, evident by their sentiment of artists being privileged by talent

(i guess they share a similar mindset to call of duty hackers - yeah, sure, they're at the top of the scoreboard, but they're not a winner and they'll plug their ears to criticism. like hackers, it's hard to empathize with them or understand how they're proud of themselves)

"it'll get better" yeah, i guess the technology will get better and will make art more accurate to the prompts, or will have a better attention to detail to make it truly indistinguishable from something crafted deliberately. but what likely won't get better are the people operating the machines

it's obvious that the operators are unable to make something worthwhile, since it seems the only way they can get people to engage with their art is to make pinups of big booby girls

actually i love big booby girls i take it all back it's based thank you

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